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Interim Management

Our thirty years of experience in executive and top-level management recruitment has given us an acute knowledge of people and an understanding of business needs. Our rigorous methodology and durable structure allow us to provide a service which is perfectly suited to interim management, specifically concentrating on the immediate supply of competent and motivated employees.

Your needs

The transition manager M/F - also referred to as an interim manager - who intervenes for a specific mission, generally for a period of 6 to 18 months. There are a great number of reasons to use interim management:

  • restructuring
  • long-term absence of an employee
  • development of a specific project
  • dealing with sudden and increased growth
  • opening a new production site
  • limitation of recruitment costs
  • need for flexibility
  • resolution of an emergency situation (financial, marketing, HR, IT)
  • management crisis
  • market shift
  • managing an ownership changeover

Our method

Once we have worked with the client to define their needs we seek out the suitable profile either through our own or external networks; each operation requires a suitable profile. These operations proceed as follows:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements
  • A brief presentation of the mission to the potential managers
  • Presentation of the "short-list" to the client
  • Selection of the managers or management team
  • Framework briefing with the manager(s)
  • Regular updates with the client and the manager(s)
  • Synthesis of results at the end of the mission

Project examples

  • Detect high potential
  • Assess managerial abilities using a 360° feedback tool
  • Establish and implement a competency assessment centre
  • using a skills base
  • Test the aptitudes and personality of an internal or external candidate

If you are a Managing Director, a Production Manager an expert or in top-level management in finances-accounting, human resources, supply chain or IT systems.
If you are a transition management specialist or would like to discover a new way to develop your career.
We invite you to send us your application - CV and cover letter, in Word format - which we will treat with strict confidentiality, to this email address contact@agorasearch.com


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