Our services

Executive Search

We are one of the top 15 Executive Search firms in France, with more than 300 regular clients.

AGORA SEARCH's strength is built on our knowledge of sourcing and assessment methodology, and also on our team which we constantly maintain to the highest standards.

All of our consultants and researchers are full-time permanent employees, thus ensuring sustainable and high service quality

Our core business is the comprehension of our clients' objectives and the establishment of relationships with them to optimize our capacity to assess, recruit and provide support.

We are fully aware that it is crucial for a company to be effective in the recruitment and integration of its staff. We invest all of our energy and resources for the successful completion of our recruitment missions.

Our resources

  • Experienced specialized consultants
  • A team of dedicated researchers for each business sector
  • An interactive ASP on-line application management system
  • Subscriptions to diverse specialized data-bases
  • Consultants with certifications for various recruitment tools (STAR and Hogan)
  • An efficient team dedicated to large projects

Our method

Once we have worked with the client to define their needs we seek out the suitable profile either through our own or external networks; each operation requires a suitable profile. These operations proceed as follows:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements
  • A brief presentation of the mission to the potential managers
  • Presentation of the "short-list" to the client
  • Selection of the managers or management team
  • Framework briefing with the manager(s)
  • Regular updates with the client and the manager(s)
  • Synthesis of results at the end of the mission



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