Our commitments

At AGORA SEARCH we are committed to respecting the ethical regulations of our profession in the interests of both our clients and candidates (M/F). AGORA SEARCH is a SYNTEC member and a signatory of the "Anti-Discrimination and Diversity Charter" and "Social Networks, Internet, Private Life and Recruitment Charter", in partnership with THE HALDE (French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission).


We comply with the anti-discrimination regulations stipulated in act n° 2008-496 of the 27 May 2008 and the dispositions of articles L 1132-1 and following of the (French) Employment Code.
In strict compliance with these dispositions we are committed to identifying, assessing, selecting and presenting the best potential candidates that fit the job description.
We are signatories of the HALDE's commitment against all discriminatory acts.


AGORA SEARCH respects all confidentiality regulations, as defined by National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL), related to the management of its contact with candidates.
Information provided by candidates is treated with the utmost confidentiality and never communicated to any third party without their prior authorization.
AGORA SEARCH is committed to facilitating candidates' rights to consult, rectify and delete their personal data.


All candidates interviewed by AGORA SEARCH are informed in advance of purposes and methods of the assessment, and may receive full answers to their own queries from the consultant in charge of the recruitment mission.
The consultant will be committed to informing each candidate regarding the progress of their application and any developments to the associated recruitment mission.


All job offers proposed by AGORA SEARCH relate to active missions.
All information gathered by the consultant during the interview will be used strictly for the purposes of assessing the candidate's suitability and capacities in terms of the position's requirements.
AGORA SEARCH is committed to only communicating a candidate's application file after receiving authorization from the candidate.


We guarantee that we only assess the candidates that are the most qualified for the position's specific requirements. The consultant will support both the candidate and the company in the comprehension of their mutual expectations and the clarification of their respective decisions.
The consultant will remain in contact with the client company and the recruited candidate throughout the trial period, in order to guarantee their effective integration into their new working environment.
Candidates may receive an oral presentation of their assessment on request.


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