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Transforming the employee experience

Culture clashes and generation gaps, globalization, new technologies, the quickening pace of change, the emergence of new models and new trends... these are all major changes impacting your company.

In this environment, every company must rethink and reinvent its organization, its business models, its expertise and interpersonal skills.

A transformation is necessary, and people – human resources – are at the heart of it. For HR professionals, it provides both a challenge and a strategic opportunity to become a value creator.

The key is to think GLOBALLY and implement UNIQUE solutions that are both sustainable and flexible, solutions that can meet the challenges of the present - and of the future - by breaking away from the responses and reflexes of the past.

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Agorasearch is the French arm of Penrhyn International, the leading international network of independent executive search firms. Penrhyn has 45 offices and 120 consultants around the world.